Why Not?

by Frank John James



released October 8, 2012

Recorded and Mixed by
Frank John James

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Track 12 Prod. by
Mickey Kickz

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All Other Tracks Prod. by
Frank John James


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Frank John James Los Angeles, California

Frank John James is an MC/Producer, born and raised in Santa Barbara, CA, perfected in Los Angeles. Represents Earthworms with MC Braiiinstorm, who together with MC Mas1 form the trio Stereotype. Stereotype is a part of Echoes of Oratory Muzik.

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Track Name: Balance
(Verse 1)
Here to bust the mic and move the crowd with my playlist
I say it with some patience maybe wishin' I was famous
Don't nobody know it like I know it in the deepest
Part of me it's hard for me because my Earth is seedless
I heeded to the voice within forgive me it was subtle
Ignorin' it was risky my direction it would crumble
I want full control I want Frank to make decisions
The ego's hard to let go and all my people are cynics, unconvinced
There's no change around the corner just more death
And anybody dreamin' otherwise I see as hopeless
You could call it what you want it, become an alcoholic
The fight ain't even worth it so I guess for now I'm stallin
I fought for a reason it was good you call it treason
It was in another era possibly a different season
The weight was too heavy and my shoulder got sore
And then I had the nerve to step up and ask for more

(Verse 2)
I get it, why you justify I can't defend it
I'm chargin' CEOs but know that's you as co-defendants
I'm hittin' every BODY so I hope you don't MIND
My SPeaR hITs through lyrics, results in the divine
Movement of collective consciousness, it's just a rhyme
But the passion can be felt, even at the end of line
Do it to the end of time, effort not for nothing
Three grains of sand the hourglass is not bluffin'
Runnin' from my destiny but tell me what it's done for me
I try to speak my peace the people only makin' fun of me
Then fuck me! And everything that I stand for
You'll never know the reason that I gave a goddamn for
Here's another steak go 'head and watch another episode
Genocide to the mind, like body to the Seminole
I meditate for hours losin' power through religion
My connection to the source is perverted almost missin'

(Verse 3)
I understand the universe and all it has to offer me
I see the way the world works it's obvious it is not for me
I ask too many questions, receive too little answers
The people just don't get it when I tell 'em cures for cancer
My diet on the daily is consistent within nature
A body that's deficient can't connect to it's own maker
The mind connects the body to the force within us all
You should question every leader instead you defend 'em all
I'm done, instead I'll find my place on the sun
Where I'll watch the world burn in it's attempt to have fun
Maybe I exaggerated I should let loose
I should just be a consumer third world in a noose
Let 'em all hang for the sake of nicer shoes
If my earrings ain't shiny cut their hands off too
My plan's all screwed but I guess it was designed
Man fuck this! I'm goin' out my motherfuckin' mind....
Track Name: Pen
(Chorus) x 4
Try to be a pen, don't wanna be a sword
Try to be a pen sometimes I wanna be a sword

(Verse 1)
Lost legends in the scripture thrown out the picture
Wrote it to remove it like a pincher
It's like a puzzle with half the pieces missin'
A fraction of the brain in action remain trippin', stumblin'
Runnin' outta reasons to accomplish it
Runnin' outta prayers to be prayed to the god of it
I gotta get my thoughts straight I coulda sworn
I had a reason I was here and yet somehow I got strayed
I hear the cries, it's unacceptable
I feel for them don't believe it's unavengeable
It's unrespectable mothafuck election day
As far as I'm concerned, forgiveness died yesterday
Had to rise up out my meditation
Not enough time gotta focus on retaliation
Had to put the book down the gat up
Enlightenment can wait, for today I finally had 'nuff

(Chorus) x 4

(Verse 2)
I wrote the truth on a paper intercepted
By the wrong hands, promptly did they rip it
Had the urge to impale him in permanence
Don't ever fuck my message up my meaning grows the worse it gets
I see the slavery of now compared to yesterday
I wish it was as obvious to us all it'd be a better way
On top of that we lost the writings once intended for us
Generations now conditioned to believe it bore us
So fuck the ink I guarantee it isn't what I need
I need the blade to make 'em bleed to end they heart beat
Revert to primitive mindstate, for my sake
The universe can balance it all, but why wait?
It's not the writings for the mind is where it all reside
It's not the anger for the right won't hold it all inside
Steppin' back to see the picture as a whole
The sword is a physical tool, pen, interdimensional

(Chorus) x 4
Track Name: The Most Exciting Time
(Verse 1)
It coulda been another time for me & it of been alright for me
But me? I see potential in a world that is ripe for me
Apocalypse is obvious if you do the math
We don't got the resources, plus in a blood bath
We killin' people for weapons to kill ourselves
Ignorin' innovations based whether or not it sells
You call it hell or heaven but really it don't matter
What matters is your efforts to build and deserve the latter
I'm after what we losin' & usin' what most have lost
Maybe it's just a matter of bridges they yet to cross
I dream of the apocalypse welcome its possibility
Only because I see it providing us with humility
Perhaps civility something we really need
When it's something worth it really you're willing to even bleed
A time of challenges, happiness over damages
The question is, will you be ready, or are you vanishing?

(Verse 2)
So I'll live for the purpose of servin' a greater cause
It might not be the most, but certainly safer loss
On some worst case, worst way to live life to the fullest
At the expense of others who suffer for you to do it
A time of individuals claimin' superiority
Who cannot understand the unity, you and me
You wouldn't be inclined for self-destructive behavior
If you only knew your options you'd be your self-savior
The most knowledge available since natives were conquered
Nearly wiped out and all their knowledge doctored
We could self-educate rapidly innovate
Why should we allow tuition to ever get in our way
The problems get worse yet we still find solutions
Yet even those who learn 'em, don't manage to do shit
Let's organize and optimize our opportunity
And ask what we could do for us and not what I can do for me
Track Name: The Art of Self-Destruction
(Chorus) x 2
It's a long way up, but the fall feel harder
I don't do it out obsession yo I do it cuz I gotta
When the stakes get high, do more than get higher
Understand your soul bleeds and best believe there is a buyer

(Verse 1)
If I had more money I would buy more channels
And I really like the show where they imprison all the vandals
It make me feel safer seein' 'em locked away
We need more laws it's why the terrorists got away
Change the channel life is hard enough anyway
Gotta smile, let me know if you come across any game
It's like the water got me calm with no worry
Not suspicious even though my doctor drug me in a hurry
Commercial break I want this I want that
And I don't wanna hear that revolutionaries fought back
It wasn't bad I heard they had mad weapons
I heard it on the news from a few eye witness
Back up and fuck you I love my nation
They can tax me all they want as long as I remain safest
Who needs to think when they can think it all for me
You could take away my rights but not my TV, hunky dorey

(Chorus) x 2

(Verse 2)
I been workin' all day I need food I want it fast
I can't afford much, this is all I got in cash
Two burgers, large fries and a pepsi
The dollar menu seems to be the only one that gets me
It rots in me, the beef steals enzymes
Immune no longer cancer shut me down in no time
Fight the power but I'm eatin' like a slave
It's not my fault I don't like the veggie taste!
Wash it down with the fire I lose water
Dehydrate, the brain get strained, but hey I gotta!
Reality's a bitch I get the itch scratch harder
Got no time, I get high, cheat sheet, my soul-starter
If my son got A's, his meals was happy
Now he only gets roses once a week from his daddy
I tried to show some discipline it's hard it's not for me
And if I get sick, I'll blame God for how it's goin'

(Chorus) x 2

(Verse 3)
Our Father who art in heaven are you listening?
Read the whole book, missing sheets? Naw that's blasphemy
My family has been devout in all its worshiping
So why should I believe that there's a reason for it's questioning
I spend an hour every week at church, 5 minutes on my knees a night
I guess some heathens will never get it right
Accepting Christ is all I really gotta do
If you try to get deeper then the devil's got in you
Read the writings many times never really analyzed for myself
Better trust my reverend 'fore I fail
He got nice things, so I can have some nice things
I would be more Christ-like if it was more exciting
Accept Christ even if I'm nothing like him
Mourn his death fuck the rest suffering currently dyin'
Truth told I can sin guilt-free at my discretion
It's easy I just gotta seem sincere at my confession

(Chorus) x 2
Track Name: Beyond Three
I realized a long time ago I'm hidin' for the sake
Of stayin' hidden, all opposing thoughts is forbidden
The ego that is Frank maybe thinkin' he's afraid
Had to rearrange his frame if mind to find a better way
Way off, you lookin' for somebody you could pay off
Your destiny's a mission every moment is a payoff
Your struggles are my struggles, your smiles are my smiles
Vibrations of my sound shall resound at your trials
I know it sounds obvious but nothing's guaranteed
I'll do it all for you so you don't have to carry me
Like the litter that you toss I'll proceed to pick it up
I always got solutions when you feel like givin' up
But sit up, you gotta feed yourself at some point
I know that I can cook but only you could fill your own void
Your capable, and anything opposing is a blasphemy
If anybody tells you otherwise then have 'em ask for me

You could see it in the universe
You know it and your heart will back me up we did not do it first
We only see in three dimensions
We think we see it all but we know not of what we missin

I got a feeling in my stomach
Every time you fall I feel my inner-self redundant
I try to reach for every person
Although my hands are empty I could swear to you it's workin'
I'd be lyin' if I said you're all correct
In every form of thought that seems to number infinite
The roads are many but there's many roads that dead end
Don't follow any light the only right one is from within
There is no other means or methods
Corruption is apparent many years they have invested
It's not a hard road to follow
The ego deep inside can make ya efforts seem hollow
They try to make us to enslave us
While creatin' the illusion their solution is to pay us
Dirty silver in our pockets
Hang up on the tree for sacrificin' our Christ conscious

You could see it in the galaxy
The way we treat the Earth is not the way in which it has to be
We only see in three dimensions
We think we see it all but we know not of what we missin

That's it, next beat, I'm over it let's go!
But every single aspect I expand on's hard to let go
Makin' sure I'm thorough cuz we need clarification
Just because YOUR nation wrote it doesn't mean it did not fake shit
I'm sayin' ask for more accounts
Never know at any moment they could take it all and bounce
It's a never ending battle they can tattle in their favor
Doesn't matter if ya did or didn't nothing makes you safer
Between a rock and a hard place
Organize the blind in an attempt to find God's way
But that is found in one's experience with one another
Understanding our perception of advancement should not suffer
I think I could see the light
But the tunnel can't contain it come to think of it it's mine
Open up, It's contagious it was meant for me to say this
But I know I'll say it better that's an art and it is sacred

Don't know bout you but I can see it
As your mind body and spirit all align you can achieve it
We see beyond three dimensions
We only saw a portion now we see what we were missin'
Track Name: I Trust You
(Verse 1)
See I could never enter a house and clear its occupants
For the purpose of profitin' off resources now not for them
Man-made erosion of soil is serious
When we needa grow food in some soil with nutrients
If I needa grow tomorrow but only grow for today
Then I'm selfish, clearly I'm not thinkin of my child's plate
If they could save a dollar by not givin' a shit
They'd do it with a smile while the press applaud them
They'd burn a whole village on the night before
And send the Red Cross over with water and first aid support
They even go as far as some biological warfare
Uncorrupted studies that's pathological aren't there
On some let 'em die shit let 'em try it
And then, they demonize the natives who try to fight it
So that's how life's force is converted to an asset
And any hope in law gets lost it's now legal since they passed it

(Chorus) x 2
I don't trust 'em, corporate control of human souls
I don't trust 'em, no matter the result of all their polls
I don't trust 'em, corporations have no soul
I trust you, cuz the passion is dormant but capable

(Verse 2)
They be puttin' us on opposite sides and have us fight
Verbal or physical don't matter we leavin' dry
Their concession stands only tempt fans and they fall for it
Leavin' us in fear of gettin' robbed so we hoard it
Forget it, we can share also assist each other
Cuz deep down, you don't really wanna see me suffer
And I don't want it for you we don't gotta hold a grudge
Forget sayin' I hate you rather thank you very much
Let's put down the bible recycle hypothesis
Cuz we gotta start believin' in something that's not a risk
Something quantifiable easily proven wrong
Never develop ego or left on the same song
You and me connect on a similar wave pattern
While a corporation's fictional really it shouldn't matter
The stock market shouldn't create a shortage of food
For nature never stops and it's you it's trynna improve

(Chorus) x 2
Track Name: Desperation
(Verse 1)
Desperation is defined in a simple way
Different limits everybody got a time and place
Some reach it some don't, do it matter though?
They make us feel every time like we had a vote
We never had it though, time was always tickin' slow
Nothing ever happened I was askin' what we sittin for
Let's get a plan down, let's demand now
I can be a part of it, without you we a man down
I'll up my workload I can be responsible
Kinda like, hell integrating with the tropical
It's nonsense to the tenth degree
And every time they bomb shit I think they comin' for me
But I'm just paranoid, I learnt a lot of shit
Plantation-like still bet you that they got a whip
I got a lot of this, and yes a lot of that
And for the record got dimensions I ain't gotta rap

(Verse 2)
I guess it's easy if you never really thought about it
If you ain't got it then it's hard to give a fuck about it
It's a damn shame but dammit I got bills to pay
You say you sick of it and yet you never get away
I hope for intermission, I hate the repetition
It's like tryin' to cook, in an empty kitchen
I got the pots and pans, and even recipes
I'm trynna cook motherfucker won't you rest in peace?
I feel my brows low, and in my neck tense
I couldn't picture anybody makin' less sense
And when my rent's due, I wanna hit you
Matter fact the whole town's kinda pissed too
We at your front door, we got no price now
Unification mothafucka we won't lie down
Keep your money we don't want another one of those
He started laughin' looked around to find myself alone

(Verse 3)
It's not a question motherfucker it's a state of mind
I can't avoid it it was destined since I took my time
I tried to explain and help, maybe ease the pain
It's not the same we view it different this is not a game
So primitive with philosophy so limited
I can tell the truth it's just they make it look so intricate
I know I said it last time but it ain't happen yet
It's gettin' worse by the day it's why I haven't left
I don't need a gun, I need an audience
I'll say the word you'll find the outcome to be obvious
Don't ever think I'll ever be another lost cause
For I exist as a response due to all our flaws
I'll say it loud and clear, fuck the fame and fear!
Matter fact I think I really fuckin' hate it here
Gimme the gun back, I'll take enough back
And when I'm done I'll fuckin' leave and never come back
Track Name: Rebuild
(Chorus) x 2
We can rebuild it, we can get along
We don't gotta live a life of fear and doin' wrong
It's an option, every time we choose not to listen to our options
That's choosin' the wrong one regardless

(Verse 1)
It's just a matter of pickin' up all the scattered information
With patience, without gettin' too rattled
If you really wanna get down, then dig a little deeper
You can overcome anything even the grim reaper
We can harmonize the process within our body
How we gonna clog it up, and wonder how it get shoddy
You probly didn't think of it only your short pleasures
An addiction is a beatable thing, not to be treasured
Forget a factory gimme the open green
And I guarantee I'ma outnumber how much you feed
Cleanup is easy, anyone can do it
I could be a kind kinda brother if I choose it
So don't abuse it yo use it the tools at hand
Don't rebel against the nature of man, can't understand
Why you wouldn't wanna know and share all of this knowledge
Showin' suicidal habits whatever you wanna call it
Vertical hydroponics and waves that's supersonic
And Tesla electricity lettin' us be free from monthly payments
Bringin' it straight back to basics
Cuz there's much more to life than chillin' and gettin' wasted
Get up, stand up, as if you had enough
We can brag about potential, but I don't know for what
You can bump a song or even tattoo a lyric
But you gotta take action no matter how much you fear it

(Chorus) x 2

(Verse 2)
I wanna dig up the ground and let the rain fall
I wanna deliver the next time I get the same call
I wanna learn from every mistake I make or not
I don't wanna hide behind the excuse that I forgot
I'm trying to eradicate inorganic materials
By methods so rarely heard they seem like near miracles
Try to imagine a life of resources
Plentiful and taken from plenty of clean sources
It's not a prophecy simply a possibility
Whose only limitation is imitation humility
So build with me, make it the reality we manifest
I promise it'll soon be apparent what happens next
One good decision will result in another
Soon you'll start to clean and dig away at all the clutter
No longer will ideas be copywritten and held back
Since education's tied to our evolution, we help that
Let's clean the water, rotate our crops
Compost our trash or recycle never toss
Let's do away with concrete, it suffocates the soil
No longer package our foods in either plastic or foil
It's slave food, that I will not embrace with my habits
If our ancestors still ran it they'd of never let it happen
Your point of view's distorted in need of a little clarity
The way we live compare it to lesser see the disparity
So share it, purify their air and their water
Share the knowledge so they're capable of solving any problem
No longer any borders in organisms that's self-sustained
Limitless havin' a will gives us a way
Track Name: Consciously Decisive
I got a never ending battle quiet down and hear the rattle
It's a cattle-like mentality, excuse me as I battle me
I'd rather be broke and respected for my honesty
Than rich convincin' all of 'em that this the way it gotta be
I probly got about a couple steps ahead of me
I realign my lower self, step back with yall I let it be
Forgetting me I reacquainted with the higher self
Asked to be forgiven he was like "yo what you talkin' bout?"
It's not needed if it's ego don't you feed it
If ya bleedin' best believe band-aids alone could not defeat it
I'm seated in the middle, but little did I know
A little more was all I needed now I see the glow
It's horrible my thoughts was rangin' in they lowest forms
Aura glow was slowin' mo', had to resurrect the flow
The code was broken had to will it never hopin'
Always open with intelligence, the weak you'll see it seldom is
I'm tellin' kids they tellin' me I need some necklaces
All they role models reppin' shit and with some recklessness
I'm next to hit I best to get all they attention and
Battlin' the ignorant and all I hear is "Finish Him!"
I'm innocent and yet the law believe I isn't it
He threaten all they profits so they lock him for they benefit
Irrelevant the passionate cannot be silenced
The highest self can overcome without the need of violence
I can't awaken, I know this gotta be a dream
I can't be breakin' for I know I am a part of team
It's hard it seems, keep your heart in all the proper things
Love will emanate for life provides it opportunity
Track Name: This Is How It Is
(Verse 1)
Searchin' for a sense of inner peace
Is not the way the older folks once made it seem to be
And I wanna save lives but I can't afford the information
I guess the world won't ever know my innovation
I'll stay patient, study every occupation
I'm not wastin' any time trynna build up they shit
I can read books and learn it all for myself
And it's got me hooked and trynna redistribute wealth
Self is the easiest way to make change
And I range from philosophy, math, science; the same
I don't see the road block, just a slight detour
Where many go blind I happen to see more
Leave the ego out I'm trynna emphasize the progress
Build off one another, say we can't, but that's nonsense
We the young kids told that we can do anything
It seems like we forgot it so it's time to give it everything

(Chorus) x 2
This is how it is, no it's how I thought it was
This is how it is, no it's how I thought it was
This is how it is, no it's how I thought it was
This whole time I thought the whole point was love

(Verse 2)
So I figure every woman want a man on his game
Never to blame, any but self for my mistakes
Never to take a risk if I ain't calculate it
As I try to live responsibly even they downplay it
I ain't trynna take you out or buy you nice things
I'm trynna buy good food, take a nice walk maybe hiking
My thing is conversations on contemplations
The way these women are speakin' I gotta fake it
My yin yang is balanced my malice is at a minimal
Some expect a palace but that is not what I'm into though
I'm hopin' that my greatest achievement is as a father
So the mother of my children better be on top of her
Game like I am on mine and think right
Since thoughts are the source of everything given life
Maybe I'm old-fashioned or maybe they're too young
Or evolving through our breeding's no longer considered fun

(Chorus) x 2

Cuz it's like, as a kid, they just lie to you. Ya knawmsayin?
Make you behave. It's like we buy that shit.
That's cool you know what I mean.
Problem is they never stop lying.
But we know better than that.

(Verse 3)
See I believed that maturity's measured in good will
And treasured this thought, still I did not see it reflected
I met so many christians and thought that they had compassion
But it boiled down to nothing but greed and self-satisfaction
I took action believin' it was the right path
Searchin' my higher self for inner peace I would find that
No fancy suit and no expensive car could ever bring that
Donatin' to your local priest and then you seem to think that
You have done your part and that your heart is in the right place
When you have yet to start in your attempt to scratch the surface
A half a trillion dollar corporation who we pray for
Is not the team Jesus of Nazareth would've played for
Givin' God money but God ain't got no bills
Probably he's worried bout ours and our meals
I asked as a kid why we didn't have enough to give
When most rich people I saw were christian

(Chorus) x 2
Track Name: Direct Line
(Chorus) x 2
Feel the body emanatin' out it's central mainframe
Without love in your heart your efforts are all in vain
You can't tell the low to communicate with the high
If your mana ain't right since the aka is intertwined

(Verse 1)
Time to relax the body be gettin' tense
Let the vanes dilate and flush out the toxins
They cloggin when we don't, causin a lot of disease
So maybe the best thing is oxygen when we breathe
We got seven spinnin' wheels residing in three selves
We gotta know ourselves to make sure they spin well
Each self got a shadowy body
And its own grade of vital force makes nine plus our body'll make ten
The temple within is high maintenance
Only when you lose sight of the righteous and lose patience
Let it flow it's all part of our growth
Embrace every challenge as if it brings hope
Ya see we can't give up and throw up the white flag
Every time our situation gets badder than bad
We got co-pilots and a hell of an aircraft
So we can soar above anything, there and back

(Chorus) x 2

(Verse 2)
The middle breathes air the low will take it in
Converts it into energy through oxidation
Depending on the task the middle will then decide
If the higher self is needed or the low will suffice
Don't fight relax, go with the flow of life
And soon you'll know it's right, you'll feel the peace inside
Direct line to the high self
Nothing out alive could prevent what your mind could invent
said to be a method of miracles at an instant
Amplified ability through aka cords at distance
Or maybe take a quick trip across the galaxy
But remember knowledge and wisdom and all its balancing
Some start to scratch the surface but stunt their growth
When they use their god-self to take advantage of the poor
Others go far and share it the best they can
But they can't do all the work it's on you to understand

(Chorus) x 2
Track Name: No Longer Do I Care
No longer do I care, it's too much effort
You act like you care and pretend you've become better
So don't judge me, pretending to embrace me
Rejecting the qualities I'm composed of, don't face me, face you
Taste truth, spoken in our actions
In our interactions I've saved you, attempted
Failed you, I blamed me, wonderin' who saves me
It's like I'm drowning, and you tossed me a gun now you failed me
Or so I thought I failed me if anything
And realized through contemplation how it shapes reality
Broken a fallacy provided by the king
Knowing everything's affected by every bird when it sings
So I'm perched on the edge just singin' my tune
Trynna blend with the sound that the bird do
Heard you and tried to bridge the gap it was a risky proposition
You made me choose sides the moment you broke mission

I'm missin' you but I'm missin' truth, and I'm missin' truth because
I'm chillin' with you, I guess we don't share the same interests
So I try to be more interesting
I'm really trynna help but are you listening?

Are you with me? I'm tempted to ask for proof
I shouldn't expect anything I ain't the one to answer to
You could do your thing while I try to figure mine out
The difference with one another is whether we in a hideout

My solitude is everything when I'm feelin' all alone
Movin' thought to thought I must remember I still got a home
I got love and because of that I trust me
As the dust settles I know everybody loves me
I must eat, consumption of the purest things
If I wanna recreate my structure to another being
A higher being capable of higher actions
What mind and spirit consume could distort passion
Not just the physical, easy imbalance
I'll sip out of the river please, you could keep the chalice
I'll take the challenge please I wanna feel alive
If you wanna see it first then I wanna be the guy
A year later I don't know if it's the right thought
All I feel is pressure just constricting like a python
That ain't healthy and it ain't gon' help much
It wasn't til I let go that I finally felt touched

I felt rushed no respect for the process, a prequel
Not all steps are created equal
Some are fast some are slow all are necessary
Apart from the last one, results may vary
Was very crushed every time I thought of givin' up
Now I see the difference in the moments when I'm gettin' stuck
Calm, relaxed, here for my brethren
I gain strength every time I take a breath in
I am integrated, usin' all my gifts
Creativity's the strongest one I use to uplift
From the plants to the arts, to a human with a heart
In the womb of the woman I will never be apart from
I kiss the dirt, I lay in the grass
And I let my kids play where I know the fun will last
The sun will last so let's act like it
The Earth provides for me, so I stand by it
Track Name: Rotation
(Verse 1)
The soul vibrates, the glow gotta hydrate
No matter what I'm lookin at I still can't find it
Two sips from a broken down configuration
A lone man broken down by a federation
Rooted in it I'm just gettin' what I need
Like the thirst in the seed for the plant to be
I break beef over break beats, some say peace
My creativity is limited only by what I think
I see you shine I respect our love
Forget money all I ever really needed was enough
Inside I'm thinkin' how much more
But deep down is the voice to end the self-war
I know I want it perfection it seem the purpose
But the path isn't perfect thus in it the path can hurt us
Mad love for everything in existence
I'm here to bring the truths of life for all to witness

Inside or outside, is this really my life?
Or our life? Cuz I don't wanna wait until I die
An answer is useful if it's to my question
But they don't seem to care what the purpose to my quest is
I reset, I don't need a doctor or a priest
That's a standstill I find the progress is in me
Balance is necessary I can find rotation
You'll never find it all if you don't find yourself and face it

(Verse 2)
Love again once again for my higher source
I hear it speak, speakin' well I give it every door
For every man has their choices I respect that
Sent back til we speak it which we will in fact
My mind yearns for the knowledge of a better time
I try to coordinate the ego it can be a fight
We been given everything, everything is ours
Know that you can write 'em better than to follow written laws
Then again lack of love can leave you limited
I simplify it when I see it all as limited
It's coronation coordination with the higher self
It's why I couldn't ever feel like I'm by myself
I'm just by my wealth, but you're a part of that
You couldn't see it with your eyes so it's hard to map
It's not another entity just a single source
So for now I let it be as I open doors

(Chorus) x 2
Track Name: The Holy Moment
Good morning yo, it's a brand new day
You'd think I'd give a damn but I didn't have a say
My appeal? Unlimited existence
Reaching for eternity, call it the resistance

We could sit around, talk a buncha nonsense
But I'm a grown man, I listen to my conscience
Nuthin' really just a soul on the brink
Icy at the moment, suntin' like a hockey rink
If two was three then I'd be a step ahead of this
Maybe wasn't ready yet, possibly they'd reminisce
Whatever the case, I do it for the end result
The impact of my words can make me wonder why I ever spoke
Naw, if it happened it was meant to be
The moment we exist in is eternal somewhat heavenly
You think you're ready but your thoughts aren't readily
Available to those you travel with, we are all savable
Crave a bowl when I feel I ain't capable
Gettin' it right, is much too hard not fake-able

Doesn't matter what you did or what you will do
Strive for the highest form of thought and it will heal you
Don't wait for tomorrow, yesterday is no excuse
God is not external every moment is within you


Good morning yo, it's a brand new day
You'd think I'd give a damn but I didn't have a say
My appeal? Unlimited existence
Reaching for eternity, call it the resistance

The emotion of a moment is a motion
We see it linear, but really it is ever open
Never open, the doors of self destruction
Far from the truth, just allow yourself to function
Watch it rupture, from a false structure
Harmony is imminent, instead it's gettin' punctured
Tinkered with, with no one when we need a lift
Too busy with their self-motivated time they see the length
I see it here at this moment in my notebook
In the mic stand in the person up to no good
Understood in my heart it's why I open up
And even though I make a lot of sense I still don't know enough
I'm rollin' up and yet I feel I was always here
Just trynna separate the roots between the love and fear
Some people think they grow together but it ain't the case
Fear is an illusion of a moment that has gone to waste

Doesn't matter what you did or what you will do
Strive for the highest form of thought and it will heal you
Don't wait for tomorrow, yesterday is no excuse
God is not external every moment is within you
Track Name: In The Mind
(Verse 1)
Trynna empathize with every individual
Trynna energize without the lies in my ritual
My daily, which has been less than smooth sailing
Trynna figure the lessons, to lessen the pain of failing
I shoulda done this, I shoulda done that
In time, you lose desire to go back
Livin' in the moment the present is so diverse
So every time I hurt it's just a lack of fluid worth
As I try to ride the wave of life, universal motion
Nothing but a speck of sand amid the black ocean of space
But potent hopin' for more, responsibility
But I shouldn't steal your journey, that's far from humility
I'll let you live it even as you believe you get it
And in the end, I'll be there to explain why you shouldn't regret it
A dream's a nightmare only when you're scared
So stop runnin' and you'll find the solution was always there

(Chorus) x 2
I'm here to comfort you, put you in a better mood
Maybe my perspective is no less than a better view
And if you got the time, maybe I ccould share a rhyme
Everything I say I say to evolve the mind

(Verse 2)
No need to be mean, nor try to act macho
Take a deep breath, maybe dozen in each nostril
It's easy to succumb to our deepest urges
Man must understand the methods of his searches
Some claim purpose while their efforts only hurt us
While others view themselves through their actions as bein' worthless
Uncertain of the next phase, even their catchphrase
Reflects their success is dictated by disgrace
Disharmony, inevitably, I let it be
Since there's little left of me, next to me
I manifest the rest of me, to integrate the best of me
So I can spend the rest of my eternity more pleasantly
I'm presently a single entity while gaining greater sense of me
I'm trynna gain a greater sense of you, and that's the truth
The only thing I know is unconditional
It's pivotal I understand love, untap it's potential

(Chorus) x 2