Ra's al Ghul

by Frank John James



Loosely based on the DC comic book villain, traditionally found opposite Batman. I take you inside the mind of a man trying to balance good and evil, hoping to bring an end to suffering through any means necessary. About midway through, I spend four tracks paying homage to the origins story found in the 1992 comic "Birth of the Demon".

I always felt he had a point, and this album is to prove that point.


released November 5, 2012

Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Frank John James
Artwork by Frank John James

A big thanks to Danny Lopez, THE biggest Batman fan ever, for the help and resources.



all rights reserved


Frank John James Los Angeles, California

Frank John James is an MC/Producer, born and raised in Santa Barbara, CA, perfected in Los Angeles. Represents Earthworms with MC Braiiinstorm, who together with MC Mas1 form the trio Stereotype. Stereotype is a part of Echoes of Oratory Muzik.

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Track Name: The Demon
There's nothing better than a simple minded lame duck
It's not that I enjoy it hell I'd rather quit doin' the same stuff
If I carry out my plan we can live symbiotically
Maybe then I won't be seen as such an oddity
I'm not the one pullin' the strings behind your ecological destruction
I'ts so illogical the way you function
So dedicated to your masters you would never question
You would go through hazards purposely so you could duck the lesson
I guess they warned you of my tactics slightly murderous
But who attacked first? See what we fight for what it's worth to us
I understand I'm slightly mad, so please forgive me
I'm angry as fuck, my reasons you ain't contending
I've lived through centuries of so-called evolution
Lazy humans causin' a lot of pollution
Hidin' the facts 'til it's too late, then pick a scapegoat
Fuck the same boat I build my own and rig theirs to blow
To defend their way of life is preposterous
So if you're in my way, understand I am option-less
I will not hesitate, please don't test your fate
If you can't handle the fish then don't fuck with the bait
The head of a demon? That gets me bad rap
I need a publicist or somethin' to snap that
My bullet points are of the peace prize-type
But since I'm willin' to point bullets I guess, I'm the bad guy
A bad lie I prevent and end suffering
Tell me if I'm the Earth what the fuck have you done for me?
Batman protects you, but who protects her?
Who kills who? When she's just trying to sustain you
I blame you go ahead and tell me otherwise
You can switch to hybrid fluorescent or cut out pesticides
It won't matter it's ingenuine you had your chance
A message to the rest of them change your fuckin' stance
Track Name: Target Eliminated
(Verse 1)
I gotta meet up with this guy around midnight, my sniper guy
And make sure that he makes the hit on time, so that he die
A president, newly elected a small nation
Whose flippin' all it's politics on to a U.S. basis
Already in his first month, he privatized water
And legalized fishing and skinning seals and otters
Since the average citizen don't got it in their ability
I see the murder and message as my responsibility
Civility's gone, the moment he dropped a bomb
On the indigenous of his nation, and then he thought
Nobody would notice since he owns all the news
That day he visited schools as nothing but a ruse
Through his scope he see a target, ready to fuck up the free market
With a single trigger pull the bigger fool is not him
Got him, but it's just a way to stop the bleeding
Next up the bosses I believe they in a meeting

"Did you have anything to do with, that?" "Yes I killed him."
"You...? Oh god..." "You're upset?" "I'm upset? You just said you killed."
"Violence can be used for good." "What are you talking about?"
"Justice." "I see." "There's no court in this country for men like Prothero."
"And are you going to kill more people?" "Yes."

(Verse 2)
I have my men form a perimeter, around the building
My sharp shooters do half the killing of the guards leave 'em reeling
Have my foot soldiers attack, and take out the second half
Throw in gas bombs through windows and throw on our gas masks
Thermal imaging as we enter every entrance
We encounter top private military agents
Blind with trouble breathing we give 'em the neck snap
Any form of attack on their part's a death trap
My men on the roof crash the meeting through 2nd floor windows
And take out every man the floor equipped with pistols
The highest of the high in politics and business
There's no foiled plot or hero left to save 'em
We kidnap 'em and drill 'em for all they information
Eventually the message is sent, the plan in motion
In death there's no room for regret, nor for the hopeless
Track Name: LA
(Verse 1)
I burn this bitch down, a melting pot of crime
Where potentially, any citizen'll steal your dime
It might be the colored kid who wants the Nike Air Maxes
Or dirty white politician with new taxes
The meter maid, waitin' seconds away
The cop whose bogus speeding violations got him a raise
Either way you're fucked, but odds are, you ain't doin' shit about it
So that makes you guilty as the motherfuckers who found it
You walk around it every time the problem raises its hand
And think your vote is all the proof you need to show you understand
And I get it, you think the oppressed will forget it
If you give 'em roads and electricity, but I won't let it
You're shredding all the evidence but me? I'll shred your streets
I'll blow your building to the ground and send your army in retreat
Every time you breathe you'll wonder if I'll cut it short
So take a deep breath, your death will be quick, and nothing more

(Chorus x2)
LA is the place if you don't value life
And you waste all your time since you destined to die
And since destiny is imminent, I share the same sentiment
I hope you understand that its destruction is our benefit

(Verse 2)
I been around the world seen a lot of shit some worse
Yet the citizens here only believe in fun first
They don't like parks, they'd rather turn 'em into parking lots
They freak out every time housing development stops
like they don't have enough homes, stupid you gotta share
You know there's plenty so don't act as if the money isn't there
I'd empathize with the lower class when they steal
If they didn't buy dumb shit, their threat would be real
Fast food alone is enough to bring apocalypse
The most natural resources you taint then you bottle 'em
If you breathe the air then you might wanna filter it
Every new drug everybody want a pill of it
Your fill of it you get none, you add it to your waistline
Worried every spring if his foot was on the baseline
I could give a fuck about a game slash distraction
Tall skyscrapers are built to be blasted

(Chorus x2)
Track Name: Monetary Value
"The only thing that the human species can do perfectly, it's so easy for anything that is a human organism to just cause destruction, because we have this ability to, invent destructive things."

(Verse 1)
So you developed this concept of money to determine
Other people's value of life, was lower than yours
You gave 'em chores cuz you sustained 'em, you claimed it at least
Became the beast and declared, "You will now be afraid of me."
You gave 'em money, a fraction of their value
When you charged 'em for some services you say because you had to
They didn't have shit, so now they owe you,
Perfect opportunity to charge interest too
And now the many gotta worry bout their payments
They can't worry bout the world and sustaining its maintenance
Hypnosis not upfront, subliminal
Scabs to the point an opposition look pitiful
Minimal success, what did they expect
When they entered negotiations with you for respect
You wanna hurt 'em? cut off they cash flow
Put 'em all on trial or to death if they can't go

"And on a scale that no animal or other organism would be able to do. We can project the worst part of our nature over such vast areas...we have the ability to do that."

(Verse 2)
What is a soldier if he don't know what he fightin' for?
I would rather die than never know what I'm dyin' for
Leaders fightin' for the sake of startin' scuffles
But ya too busy to care with your TV and your Ruffles
I didn't see it for a few hundred years only heard of it
It wasn't 'til England, that I got a word of it
They been workin' it, suckin us dry
They didn't infiltrate they built it over time, rather a lie
You start to wonder why we're so slow to advance
When we start to share our knowledge they would make it so we can't
That is unless it helps their plan or is inevitable,
Look at the medical they want us dead or in bed and them paid in full
Made a fool every time we accept their side of the story
Meanwhile our concerns they're ignoring
It's simple, stop making excuses for poor decisions
Otherwise I'm the surgeon and I'm forced to make the incision.

"I should think that if we ever connected with a superior intelligence someplace, he would probably do the rest of the universe a favor by blotting out all human life on this planet as quickly as possible before we get SO skillful, that we can spread the bad things that we do to other environments.

"So maybe the best thing IS to find these people, you know, cuz we'll spend a lot of money in it, we'll go out there and we'll get the superior intelligence and think that he's going to help us out and he will, just by blowing us up."
Track Name: I Kinda Like These Criminals
(Verse 1)
So many men with real talent, capable of bringin' down many
Organizations even with patience
Like Two-Face, who brought down countless individuals
With nothing but a book of broken laws and judge criminals
But he was all alone trying to clean up the streets
Where was everybody else? You couldn't even hear a peep
So of course he went crazy took the law into his own hands
Now he flips a coin to determine his own stance
Now Scarecrow? I love his potential
I really dig the fear-inducing toxins on the mental
I would love to test on the men and women capable
Of overcoming fears and prove that some of us are savable
Possibly my favorite is this young kid Anarky
Once he's outta jail I think of the fun he'll have with me
He stole from the rich and reinvested in the 3rd world
Exposin' world corruption to all the boys and girls

(Chorus x2)
Ya know I kinda like these criminals
And though they're psychopaths at least they ain't so minimal
I know I have to put an end to them eventually
Until then there's bigger fish to fry, here comes the penalty

(Verse 2)
Now me? I'm a thinker so I love me a puzzle even riddle
Edward Nygma never gots to keep it simple
I'm kinda jealous of Bruce, he gets his best puzzles
I would love to see him get a little more for all his troubles
Like this Bane from Santa Prisca we could all learn from him
Served his father's prison sentence turnin' nothin' into somethin'
Got himself into peak physical condition
Educated himself, replete, with plenty wisdom
Now Pamela Isley that's a real woman Ivy
A botanist who cares about the plant life like me
Who can blame her when they bombed the island that she lived in
She should make America pay for the buttons they be hittin'
And the Joker make me smile and frown in the same sentence
Infinite potential 'cept I, question his methods
He's provided the detective with his greatest moral challenges
I'd of killed the motherfucker by now, for all his damages

(Chorus x2)
Track Name: Hello (The Birth Pt.1)
Born in the 14th century to a nomadic family
Handed me nothing of interest, but the sand under my feet
I had to leave I had an interest in science I had to feed
And it was in the city where I found the knowledge to read
The resources were greater, than the tribe that's full of thieves
Could've ever offered me, obviously I gotta leave
Honestly I just wanna feed my curiosity
Plus there gots to be something better than murderous robberies
I earned the trust of everybody I met, the sweet kid
And even bullies had to squash it, every time we would beef
Even the king took notice and made me his top physician
It was then you could say my potential carried no limit
I met a woman unlike you could've imagined
Even the prince's passion demanded but couldn't catch it
Me and the prince were what you could call friends
Despite his ignorance more out of respect for his father
So when he fell sick and the king wanted to save him
I had to explain most likely he wouldn't make it
Realizing that a virus had to been passed
I understood the nature of this difficult task
I know he's not the best person, alright
But I could never let another die for no life is worthless
Every new disease is an opportunity
To make sure in the future it never is hard to beat
Track Name: Nightmares (The Birth Pt.2)
I leave my Sora and go to my place of birth in the desert
I lay and start to dream nothing better
Nightmares of death trying to fight me
The fear of falling prey really fucks with my psyche
I shrivel as I fall into a pit, my resurrection
I defeat the motherfucker it was on some introspection
The second lesson was the concoction inspired
A mixture of poisons and chemicals that make a man expire
But where I awoke, was one of many places
Where the Earth emits a healing energy able to save us
These ley lines are like the Earth's meridian system
It uses negative waste, to reverse every symptom
Time to use all this information in me
As I mix together all these liquids otherwise deadly
I tell the king to curb his hopes
As his son starts to die it's now time for him to go
He rises out regenerated filled with a madness
Ran after Sora like a possessed savage
Pushed us away as we tried to make him sane
By the time we did, I fear it was too late
Track Name: The Cruelest Kind of Punishment (The Birth Pt.3)
And I wish she wasn't gone, sittin' here caged
When I was the one wronged, in the desert's flames
Together for eternity just me and her corpse
The cruelest kind of punishment ever to be enforced
I miss her skin and how it would touch mine
Always makin' me feel, everything would be fine
I just wish her lips would move, say it again!
You made the best dishes, would you make 'em again?
My stomach hurts and I thirst with no sweat
I miss your perfume now the scent of old flesh
At night I can't help it, I hold you for warmth
I wake up with reality leaving me more and more
What's that? Oh I thought I heard you say something
If I lose more weight, I think I might weigh nothing
I can't believe I was so naive
And now I leave knowing ignorant man should never lead
I wanna bleed, anything end the pain
At the very least the mercy of only a little rain
I wanna join my love wherever you went
Wherever with you I know is time well spent
Track Name: Revenge (The Birth Pt.4)
I can take a virus and put it to fine silk
fight the war from afar watch the enemy wilt
Take a small army of raiders and bring a city down
They didn't have it for me, so why should I have pity now?
A Trojan horse of a microscopic nature
Left it at the city gates for the prince as a favor
Or so he thought like the raiders would get weak
3 days later the king would need me
"It's my son please forgive me for my actions
I know we did you wrong I'm hopin' we can move past it"
Well of course I'll need your cooperation
All the same supplies and a whole lot of patience
Dumb fuck, he really thinks I'm an idiot
Took him to the mountains where raiders awaited him
Had him dig the very pit his son would die in
Little did he know the entire time that I was lyin'
Caught smilin' the moment his son rose out the acid
Flesh meltin' screams in obviously loud fashion
Same treatment, without the ley line
This moment ruined his day, for me it made mine
Tied him to his son's corpse put him on a horse
An eye for an eye no room for remorse
Moments later threw my sword through his chest piece
Moment of weakness, never again showing mercy
All the men he brought left dead we took their robes
Returned to my home and took the city by storm
Murdered every soul and destroyed all the evidence
So history would never acknowledge my former residence

"I warned you about compassion Bruce."
Track Name: Hands Up
(Verse 1)
This is a stick up, put ya hands up this is what you wanted
When you bought that shit you didn't need and you flaunted
I'm here to rob kings and the men with many things
You have failed as a leader and this is what failure brings
Many man-servants and nothing to serve man
It seems you're the only to benefit from your plan
Some of these kings so deeply into religion
Some of the smartest men in science held to a limit
The progress of man and what they're capable of
Could result in the manifestation actual love
To create and sustain the world and its inhabitants
I have to put an end to your life, and all your damages

(Chorus x2)
Hands up, this is what you wanted put ya hands up
Put ya hands up get 'em up get ya hands up

(Verse 2)
I am not a masochist, I can end your life quick
It could only hurt if you struggle so please don't fight it
When I say my message is something very sincere
I mean it and it really is nothing that you should fear
Many feel it was just a long time coming
You should see all the supporters in all the cities we're runnin'
We see the wealth as plenty enough to spare
Judging by the armies they got, these kings care
They could surrender cooperate to the max
And enjoy a new life communities that could last
They can't imagine a world not upperclass
Get your throat slashed, if I have to I will laugh last
Track Name: Styles Pt.1
As I traveled on east I first visited India
Where I learned yoga it really helped to control the
Breathing and meditative states I would rely on
Silambam really helped to get my bamboo staff fight on
Kuttu Varisai gave an order to my punches
While the Varma Kalai gave a power to my touches
In Cambodia I learned Bokator I wish faster
It took twenty years for me to master every technique
With speed, I searched for my next style
Dambong Veng, Dambong Lebokator and the Dao
Were the weapons of the Angkor, and now my styles crossed
As I traveled even further but careful of gettin' lost
The Malay were kind with their Silat
Whether Cekak, Medan, even Lian Padukan
The Philippines took my weapon game to another level
Usin' their Eskrima, come on like I would settle?

A long boat ride, took me to Japan
Where I met the Samurai whose battle methods were grand
The Way of the Warrior found in Bushido
Then Jujutsu, to Kendo to Ninjutsu
Using the roots of Subak in Korea
I formed Taekwondo before Duk Son and Hong Hi
And then came China with all of its many styles
And I had to learn 'em all so I had to spend a while
The Five Ancestors and the Five Animals
Tiger Crane Leopard Snake Dragon in my mold
Drunk Monkey to Eagle Claw and Praying Mantis
Wing Chun and Tai Chi elevated my status
And as time passed I continued to return
And travel 'round the world, always trynna learn
I gained control of all Chi with much ease
This is just a small sample of the styles in me
Track Name: The Last Bite
(Verse 1)
And as I took my last bite of these magical mushrooms
I felt so connected to the dirt in which it grew
Sensing a multiplicity in my vicinity
I felt the inner beings in me, not physically
And every time I hear a bird or a brother say a word
I can sense their emotion and open their self-worth
And the glow of light that's even bright at night
Provides me understanding that everything is alive
Surrounding all of us interconnected fully
And my trip goes bad every time I see a bully
And they slaughter more animals chop down trees
We are runnin' out of forests and I'm tired of sayin' please
Inorganic material in its waste
Starts to give the Earth trouble digesting it not its taste
And we could of stopped here and we could of stop there
Now we risk our lives every time we breathe air

(Verse 2)
And as I took my last bite of these magical mushrooms
I felt so connected to the dirt in which it grew
I felt this feeling before
It's now a love I could never ignore, as it only grows more
I understand where I come from, where I shall return
Every time I make a decision I try to be sure
I read a lot of books cuz I love to learn a lot
The rich don't get it that wisdom cannot be bought
And as I close my eyes and I start traveling
Out of body 'round the world I see it unraveling
I can almost feel my capabilities and how to heal
And it's not far-fetched the concept is very real
These humans are sadistic, twisted in their minds
So what if I untwisted, gifeted 'em with life
And as the solution appears it loses clarity
I guess the connection to me creates disparity

(Repeat Verse 1 until fade out)
Track Name: Yet You Still Stay The Same
(Verse 1)
I'm gettin' tired of sayin' it's good enough
When it's used as an excuse to never give a fuck
What's a half effort? but a quarter of an outcome
An eighth of satisfaction but you're fully outdone
Quit negotiating, every right you deserve
You either like the work or probly got a tight nerve
Every next move is a choice to be made
And we're all responsible for improvement in everydat=y
Ya say ya want change but won't change yourself
Ya self-inflict pain and only save your wealth
Save yourself why do you expect a superhero
When it's you and only you who can reverse the way you feel
The way I feel is frustrated
Hundreds of years of waitin' but now I must say it
Yous said you would but never did, whatever shit
I speak in the interest of livin' forever kid

(Chorus x2)
And you say you want all the right things
And you say you want things to change
And you say you want no more fighting
And yet you still stay the same

(Verse 2)
You probly don't see the connection between your choices
And think a certain level of discipline's really pointless
You won't shop here so instead you shop there
But the same guy wins meanwhile, you're unaware
It's a false sense of choice in our power
We can shoose not to and detonate their tower
Without explosives or any violent means
We can rely on our homegrown beans
Fruits and veggies, we can all eat plenty
While they realized the power they had was from the many
And through the fear and makin' us incompatible
And chemicals that make us all a little more commandable
It seemed real the hope I once held
But seldom seemed approachable thus my hopes fell
And I know there's a few out there who want the same thing
It's just too bad we don't play for the same team

(Chorus x2)

"If you make yourself more than just a man, if you devote yourself to an ideal, and if they can't stop you, then you become something else entirely."

"Which is?"

"Legend Mr. Wayne."
Track Name: The Last Days
(Verse 1)
And in the ast days when the last road is built
And you don't have another gallon of gas for cars still
You'll probly go to war thinkin' that'll solve shit
Come November you'll be sittin' at home on the 5th
And in the last days you'll think you finally found the candidate
You'll vote him in shortly after he'll change his stances quick
You'll latch on to the next hope, realize you don't know
And that it's easier to cover your ears and keep your eyes closed
And in the last days when the last tree is chopped
And all the oxygen you breathe is artificially bought
Animal life is down to its last species
And they're all modified for the pleasure of eatin'
The last days, everything is man-made
And you made it that way through a broken pathway
If you wanna change that should of been prevention
If you wonder how then you should of paid attention

(Verse 2)
The last days, in the last days few rule the many
With a life-long goal to own every penny
With their petty methods, they invest into weapons
Over anything else, and you're too damn tepid
In the last days to ever put an end to their rule
And it's probly all the pacification from drugging you
When you thought luxuries were better than self-health
You denied all the power you had and self-wealth
In the last days you're only interested in the fast way
Suicide is common so really what that say
Is no one wanna live that way, they're lookin' for a way out
They wanna end it quick since the world will end any day now
And so the last days are maybe my last chance
To avenge Mother Earth for the pain at your hands
I'ma bring it sooner than maybe they hoped to
Cuz if she gotta go, then each of you go too

"It does not matter if the war is not real, or when it is, that victory is not possible. The war is not meant to be won. It is meant to be continuous. The essential act of modern warfare is the destruction of the produce of human labour. A hierarchical society is only possible on the basis of poverty and ignorance. In principle, the war effort is always planned to keep society on the brink of starvation. The war is waged by the ruling group against its own subjects, and its object is not victory over Eurasia or Eastasia...but to keep the very structure of society intact."
Track Name: All Is Dying
Before we begin, hear me. I have knowledge which is alien to you, for I have tasted food fresh from dark fertile soil, and I have filled my lungs with untainted air, and I have quenched my thirst with water clear as the first day of creation, and you have not....because you cannot.
Those things do not exist on this world any longer. They have been destroyed by man's lust for dominance, a lust I know well, for at times it all but consumes me. All is corrupt, all is sick, all is dying.

(Verse 1)
They say their grandfather lived forever, so will you
Well their grandfather wasn't eatin' the shit that they do
They claim it's all in their nature, therefore it's defendable
Native's watchin' TV? that's just not credible
I'm cynical this shit is beyond cyclical
There's no pass go collect 200 at intervals
Everytime you save their lives they turn around and kill
I guess the answer is a very hard to swallow pill
If not for the Earth, then how bout for the babies
Who they take and then erase the very nature worth saving
You should run some lab tests, on their inoculations
The odds of brain damage not the best approximation
Face it, you're noble but you're really misinformed
You would be amazed by things I sit and think I miss more
The forests I'd explore now covered in concrete
The rivers I would swim in now dry and empty

(Verse 2)
"So your solution is to kill?" I know it's not the best thing
In my travels to the east I've learned the nature of our being
"Which is?" Our higher self and the frequency of love
But to take two forward you gotta step back one
"But at what cost?" Well the more we wait the more is lost
So the question is if we let 'em live how much is lost?
The way I see it, they got our source of life held hostage
And I know a superhero has trouble with this topic
"Drop it!" I won't, don't you see there's no more lines
There's good villains bad heroes under the disguise
If you really love 'em thaen you gotta do what's best for 'em
If they love their kids, then why do they ignore 'em?
"That's not our place to say!" So we should just be bystanders
As they commit crimes against humanity and die faster?
We're sucking blood out the very ground beneath us
"But if I used your methods then nobody would believe us"

(Verse 3)
Listen, detective, you know I study lots
And there's mutual respect for the info that we gots
I would never misinform you or try to manipulate
You see they had their chance now it's time for us to demonstrate
We can end wars introduce cooperation
The population doesn't even know of meditation
Or innovation in the way we prevent degradation
Of the natural resources that we've let become a ration
What you don't get is I would rather no one die
Which I'm sure we could accomplish if we unified our minds
If we held leaders corrupted accountable
I am sure the resulting resources would be bountiful
We can end starvation disease and all need
To commit crime, fulfill the potential of every mind
And so I ask again, detective will you join me?
"Well, I..."

"So what do you suggest?"